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What Pura Verde Offers


Home & Restaurant Delivery Available

We Deliver to the greater Sarasota Area including Bradenton and Venice.

Wholesale Pricing available for reoccurring and special orders.

Minimum $20 order for Home Delivery

Microgreens Offer 4-40 times Nutrient Density

 Microgreens are incredibly nutrient dense as found by studies from the university of Maryland.

Brassicas such as Broccoli and Kale boast 20 times or more the nutrient density of the fully grown plant.

This means that eating One Ounce of either of these microgreens give you the same nutrition of eating TWENTY Ounces of the fully grown plant.

Red Cabbage boasts and astonishing 38-40 times the nutrient density of a fully grown head of red cabbage.

BIG Flavor

 Microgreens do not just offer BIG Nutritional benefits, they also offer a LOT of flavor in their small Package.

Microgreens have a taste profile similar to their fully grown counterparts.  While typically sweeter, they can also be more bold.

Taste the difference of LIVE Microgreens.

We Have our Provisional Patent

 We now have our proprietary processes for creating a nutrient sustaining microgreen powder under provisional patent.

These micro-nutrient powders will boast 90%+ retention of the nutrient benefits and live enzymes of our microgreens.

That makes the average serving size of these powders around half a teaspoon depending on the variety.

The solubility of these powders will also allow us to offer you a wide array of products including supplements, capsules, balms, creams, gummies,  an array of cosmetic products, and so much more!

Speaking Engagements & Education

We are happy to work with companies, communities and organizations to offer speaking engagements to educate on the nutrition and sustainable nature of microgreens. 

We recently had two speaking engagements at the Sarasota Veg fest that were incredibly well received.

Pura Verde is Always happy to help educate the community on the benefits of integrating microgreens into their diets.

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 We are looking into launching a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign to help fund further testing and branding of our new product lines.  Please contact us if you have any experience launching such campaigns. 

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